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Some of the products we are currently selling and promoting:

  1. Arnica Montana: Used for bruising, swelling, and pain associated with physical trauma.

  2. Nux Vomica: Used for issues related to overindulgence in food or alcohol, such as heartburn or hangovers.

  3. Belladonna: Used for fever and symptoms that come on suddenly, such as sore throat or ear pain.

  4. Apis Mellifica: Used for swelling, stinging pain, or itching, such as that caused by bee stings or hives.

  5. Gelsemium Sempervirens: Used for apprehension, stage fright, and flu-like symptoms.

  6. Ignatia Amara: Used for emotional distress, grief, and possibly nervous stomach.

  7. Pulsatilla: Used for weepy, changeable symptoms, often related to common colds or ear infections.

  8. Rhus Toxicodendron: Used for joint pain improved by movement, like in rheumatism or arthritis.

  9. Bryonia: Used for dryness in mucous membranes and thirst, often used for common colds or flu.

  10. Sulphur: Used for skin issues like eczema or rashes, or burning sensations.

  11. Calcarea Carbonica: Used for various issues such as slow development in children, fatigue, and anxiety.

  12. Silicea: Used for poor stamina, slow healing wounds, and infected or malodorous discharges.

  13. Lycopodium Clavatum: Used for digestive issues and lack of self-confidence.

  14. Aconitum Napellus: Used for sudden onset symptoms, especially after exposure to cold weather or wind.

  15. Hepar Sulphuris Calcareum: Used for sensitive skin issues and infections.

  16. Ferrum Phosphoricum: Used for low-grade fever, anemia, and fatigue.

  17. Kali Bichromicum: Used for mucous membrane issues, particularly thick, sticky, or yellow discharges.

  18. Hypericum Perforatum: Used for injuries to areas rich in nerves, like fingers and toes, and nerve pain.

  19. Phosphorus: Used for fatigue, bloody sputum, and fears.

  20. Mercurius Vivus: Used for issues with body temperature regulation, sweating, and salivary issues.

  21. Histaminum Hydrochloricum: Used for allergy relief.

  22. Staphysagria: Used for surgical wound healing.

  23. Nux Vomica: Used for hangover relief, heartburn, and indigestion.

  24. Sure, here are more Boiron homeopathic remedies:

  25. Sepia: Used for hormonal imbalances, menstrual disorders, and menopause symptoms.

  26. Graphites: Used for skin conditions like eczema and for digestive issues.

  27. Natrum Muriaticum: Used for ailments like cold sores, and emotional issues such as grief.

  28. Chamomilla: Used for calming and sleep aid, particularly in children and infants.

  29. Cantharis: Used for urinary tract problems and burns or scalds.

  30. Carbo Vegetabilis: Used for indigestion, gas, and bloating.

  31. Euphrasia Officinalis: Used for eye irritation and inflammation.

  32. Staphysagria: Used for surgical wounds, incisions or emotional trauma.

  33. Ledum Palustre: Used for puncture wounds and insect bites.

  34. Coffea Cruda: Used for sleeplessness due to an overactive mind or excitement.

  35. Antimonium Tartaricum: Used for respiratory issues with rattling mucus but difficulty expectorating.

  36. Argentum Nitricum: Used for nervous anticipation, and digestive issues related to this.

  37. Arnica Montana: Used for trauma, muscle pain and stiffness, and swelling from injuries.

  38. Arsenicum Album: Used for food poisoning, traveler's diarrhea, common cold, and hay fever.

  39. Calendula Officinalis: Used for minor skin wounds, burns, and insect bites.

  40. Magnesia Phosphorica: Used for cramps and pains that are improved with heat.

  41. Phosphoricum Acidum: Used for mental exhaustion, and hair thinning.

  42. Causticum: Used for chronic conditions, urinary incontinence, and joint deformities.

  43. Cinchona Officinalis (China): Used for weakness, dehydration, bloating, and fever.

  44. Lachesis Mutus: Used for circulatory disorders, angina, and rosacea.

  45. Nux Moschata: Used for fainting, extreme sleepiness, and stomach issues.

  46. Ipecacuanha: Used for constant and continual nausea.

  47. Kali Carbonicum: Used for backache and weakness.

  48. Cocculus Indicus: Used for motion sickness, jet lag, and sleeplessness due to physical exertion.

  49. Baryta Carbonica: Used for tonsillitis, mental incapacity, and growth problems in children.

  50. Causticum: Used for urinary incontinence and respiratory issues.

  51. Veratrum Album: Used for collapse, fainting, and profuse cold sweat.

  52. Tabacum: Used for nausea, travel sickness, and exhaustion.

  53. Hamamelis Virginiana: Used for varicose veins and hemorrhoids.

  54. Kreosotum: Used for severe, debilitating cough and tooth decay.

  55. Aurum Metallicum: Used for depression, night sweats, and possibly heart problems.

  56. Dulcamara: Used for conditions worsened by damp, cold weather, like warts, ringworm, and coughs.

  57. Helleborus Niger: Used for after-effects of meningitis, unconsciousness, and coldness.

  58. Anacardium Orientale: Used for memory loss and symptoms of mental strain.

  59. Cimicifuga Racemosa: Used for menstrual and menopausal issues with severe mood swings.

  60. Manganum Aceticum: Used for symptoms of arthritis and tendinitis.

  61. Menyanthes Trifoliata: Used for conditions associated with general body weakness.

  62. Naja Tripudians: Used for heart problems and dizziness.

  63. Oleander: Used for symptoms of exhaustion, dry skin, and constipation.

  64. Strontium Carbonicum: Used for symptoms related to elderly age such as weakness, trembling, and rheumatism.

As always, consult a healthcare provider before starting a new medication regimen, including homeopathic remedies. The effectiveness of homeopathic medicine can vary greatly from person to person, and these treatments should not replace professional medical advice. Always consult with a healthcare provider for serious or chronic conditions.

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